We’ve got Bacon Covered

There has never been a more exciting time in the independent restaurant bacon supply business. Demand for better bacon is sizzling hot: old style, traditional wood smoked bacon without nitrates, sulphates, gluten and chemical free. Speaking of free we believe that an animal should be free to have access to fresh air, sunlight and of course a bit of pasture.

We currently have 3 styles of bacon on offer.

Double Beech Wood Smoked Rindless Full Rash Middle Bacon
Free Range Rindless Full Rash Middle Bacon
Paleo Bacon-without nitrates, sulphates, gluten and chemical free

Sliced Paleo Bacon

Sliced Paleo Bacon


Dont Forget the Ham


Christmas Order Form  2014

Christmas is fast approaching, Have you ordered your ham.

This festive season we are very pleased to offer Borrowdale Free Range Double smoked leg hams. Smoked the traditional way with beautiful beech wood http://borrowdalefreerange.com.au

We are also offering Burrawong Organic Ducks and chickens which when you taste these birds you will never eat any other poultry again.



A Delicious Weekend On The Farm


Well it rained and it rained and it rained, The team at The Byron @ Byron had made the call that the show must go on, not  rain flood nor cyclonic winds would stop us. The sun rose a little after I and to my amazement the wind had calmed the rain was on a lunch break and no floods to be seen.

Lily had asked me as she always seems to do “are you ready? do you need me to do anything? what have you forgotten?” my reply as it always is ” I’m all over it, But if you could just get these pigs trotters up to Harvest that would be great” after me placing 10 more calls of help to Lily  her morning had become increasingly full however when the coaches of expecting guests arrived we had pulled it all together.

The morning was fantastic I had managed to somehow hold the audiences attention with my meaty words of wisdome Gav, Blake and Steven cooked up a storm. I felt we had ticked all the boxes, Watered, Fed, Entertained, no injuries no lost guests no floods nor rain.

The guest loaded back onto there bus we detached our 4 and 2 year olds Ollie and Archie form the drivers seats and waved the guests goodbye. As quick as we turned to clean up the rain clouds opened and inches of rain started to fall and continued for the rest of the week, By late afternoon the access was closed, The bridge had flooded.

What a great day we had. Sometimes its kind of nice to show off a bit isn’t it.